One of the issues we deal with in each and every school is trying to put students into the correct address position. Poor flexibility makes this a difficult task. We always work within the capabilities of the student but the bottom line is tight, rigid bodies have a hard time getting into the correct position, not to mention swinging the club correctly. This is the motivational part – increasing your range of motion will improve your ability to setup correctly and swing the club more efficiently and powerfully.

The first stretch I want to share with you targets the hamstrings. You need some wall space (no hanging pictures nearby) and you may want to have a pillow on-hand. Take your shoes off but wear a pair of clean socks (you’ll understand in a minute). From a sitting position next to the wall, lie on your back, turn your body and place your heels on the wall. Straighten your legs and move in as close to the wall as you can. Use the pillow if you feel any strain in your neck. You should feel a moderate stretch in your hamstrings. Inhale slowly to the count of 4, pause for a second and then exhale slowly to the count of 4 and repeat this for 10 – 15 breaths. Use the slow, deep breaths to relax into the stretch.

After the first set you should feel your hamstrings loosening up a little. If you feel you are up to it scoot in a little closer to the wall until you feel a little added tension in your hamstrings and repeat the 10 – 15 breaths one more time.

The goal is to be able to do the stretch with your bottom and the back of your legs completely against the wall.