This time of year I like to get on the course as much as I can. Many times I get out after work, before work, late evenings, pretty much any time I can squeeze in a few holes. Most of the time I am playing by myself as I like to “sneak” out and get in a little practice when I can.

When I’m out there (on my own), I sometimes play a few games that have helped my game over the years. Thought I’d share a few of these games with you.

1.  Two Ball Worse Ball Game

Moe told me one time, this was one of his favorite on course games.

It is played with 2 golf balls. Tee off with one ball, then a 2nd ball. Go to the worse shot of the two. Play that ball and another from that position. Again, go to the worse shot and play two balls from there. (This game is typically played the easiest with 3 golf balls). Play the worse of the two shots, and another, then pick up the good shot from before…. Do this with every shot, no matter whether it is a driver, second shot, chip or putting – always play two and go to the “worse” ball for the next.

In other words, you are always playing your worse shot of the two. When you hole two putts from the same location you are done with the hole.

Keep score – see what you can do…. It is not an easy game, but a very fun game and a “test of your consistency” game.  It is also a great game to help you deal with pressure. After you have hit a good shot, you have to hit another…

Moe told me shooting under par in the Two Ball Worse Ball Game was a great goal…

2.  Plus Two Game

This on course game involves taking two more clubs every time you have a shot into the green.

In other words, tee it up like normal. Then when you get over your 2nd shot, if you can get to the green, take 2 more clubs. Example – say you need an 8 iron for the 2nd shot, hit a 6 iron. If you need a 7 iron, hit a 5 iron/hybrid, etc… Every time you have a shot into the green, take two more clubs. On the par 3s – this will be off the tee, etc…

This is a great game to teach you feel, and for many, helps with your swing. When you have more club then you think you need, you will “ease up”, swing smooth, etc. and actually gives you a chance to get to the hole every time…

3.  “I Wouldn’t Want That Shot” Game

This is my favorite on course game. It’s a “short game” game of course….

It’s pretty simple and a great game to work on your short game and different shots in your short game.

Play a hole like normal. After you complete the hole, take your golf ball and walk to the front edge of the green.

Look at the green and the surrounding edge of the green (the bunkers around the green, hills around the green, rough around the green, etc.) Look for a spot that you would say to yourself “I wouldn’t want that shot” …  Maybe it’s a deep bunker. Maybe it’s high grass short side of the pin, etc… A difficult up and down shot.

Then, roll your ball into that spot. Roll it into the spot like a golf shot that rolled into that spot.

Try to get it up and down. If you don’t, try again. I keep trying until I get it up and down. (If you want to “cheat” a little and put a 2nd or 3rd ball in your pocket to drop in the spot… that is okay).

This game is a great game to work on your short game and put you in on course short game situations. These are very difficult to practice at most golf course practice areas as they don’t have areas like this to practice.

I actually try and keep count as to how many I can get up and down in the number of holes I am playing.

Don’t make this ridiculously hard on yourself, but situations that are a “little difficult” – if you can manage these situations, the normal ones will seem easy….

These games are somewhat challenging, but great games to work on course and help your golf game.

Have fun and keep up the good work!

Check out this training aid for more on Course Fun… The Throw-A-Hole.  The Throw-A-Hole (TAH) allows you to simulate holes anywhere on the green.

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