What does every golfer want more of?


One of the top questions I receive at schools, during our webinars or through emails is:

“How do I create backspin/more backspin?”

I have written many times about the factors of creating spin (type of club, type of golf ball, speed of swing, etc..) but there are a few other factors you might be overlooking….

1.  You must Hit Down on the Ball to Create Spin.

You may have heard this many times, but it is a KEY to creating back spin. Many golfers try to “lift” the golf ball and often release early or “cast” the club prior to impact. To create spin you must hit down on the ball – this descending blow will allow the golf ball to rise up on the club face and grab the grooves of your golf club thus creating spin.

Check – make sure you are taking a divot through the golf shot. In other words, your divot should start at the front edge of the golf ball and go forward.

2.  Keep Your Grooves Clean.

If you are hitting down on the ball, and the ball is rising up the face of the club, the only way the ball can grab the grooves is if the grooves are free of dirt/clean. If they are not clean, it is basically the same as hitting a club with worn out or no grooves. This seems very basic, but it is surprising how many golfers will hit short game shots wanting/needing maximum spin with dirt in their grooves.

Check – make sure your clubs are clean (grooves clear) in between shots.

3.  Hit the Middle of the Club Face and You Are Accelerating

You must be making solid, accelerating contact on your golf shots to create spin. If you are missing the sweet spot (hitting toward the toe or heel) or de accelerating during the shot, you will have difficulty creating spin.

Check – hit a few shots and check the marks on your club face. They should be on the sweet spot (center) of the club face. Make sure when you are hitting a pitch type shot, your through swing is longer than you back swing. When hitting a chip type shot, make sure you are holding your angles (wrist) through impact.

Again, these might be a few factors to create spin you have over looked. But I can guarantee to create your maximum spin, they are factors everyone should think about and check often.

Learn more about backspin at a Graves Golf Academy School.  Follow this link for more information: SCHOOLS

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