This combination stretch can be done prior to or just after the hamstring stretch we covered in the previous newsletter. The starting position is lying on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. If your neck feels strained use a pillow or places your hands behind your head.

Cross your feet at the ankles and raise your knees towards your chest. If possible reach up and grab just below the knees and gently pull in towards your chest. Hold the stretch for 10 breaths (inhale slowly to a count of four, hold for one second, and exhale slowly to a count of four). Lower your feet to the ground and uncross your ankles when finished.

The second part of this stretch begins with crossing your right ankle over your bent left knee. If possible extend both arms straight out from your shoulders, 90 degrees from your torso. Make sure your left foot has not slid away from your buttocks. If you need an added stretch push your right knee towards the floor until you feel the stretch in your right buttocks. Hold the stretch for 10 slow breaths. Switch legs and repeat.

Good Luck, Watch upcoming e-tips for more stretching articles.