Recently, I was given an audio tape of Moe speaking in an interview. The interview was about his great golf swing and his legacy and my name was brought up. The interviewer asked Moe if he thought I “had” his move. I thought Moe’s answer was perfect. Moe said “yes” and paused. Then Moe said the most important thing. “Because he wants it.”


I have reflected on that statement many times. And, like so much of the knowledge I have gained from Moe, I have found his statement to be most profound. Because of the act of “wanting it” is the beginning of success. Furthermore, if you don’t want it, you will always fail. So it comes down to how badly you want it. In other words, it comes down to another word Moe used often… motivation.

What is it?

When I describe it, I am describing whatever it is that helps you get to the next level. In this case we are talking about mastering Moe Norman’s golf swing and the “Feeling of Greatness”. “It” is also playing better golf because of this mastery.

So what does “wanting it” really mean?

I work with a talented 14 year old. I have been working with him for over 4 years. There have been ups and downs during the process. He has reached high levels of frustration often getting worse before he gets better. What keeps him working at it… wanting it.

I recently worked with a student who flew me out to his home 1,800 miles away. I worked with him for 3 days costing him thousands of dollars. Why did he make such an effort… because he wants it.

Here are some attributes to those who really want it.

  1. They are willing to go an extra mile to get it.
  2. When going an extra mile doesn’t get “it” they go another mile.
  3. They are willing to make sacrifices in time, money and energy.
  4. They make the process of getting it fun.
  5. They realize that it is a process.
  6. They love the process.
  7. They are willing and enjoy working at it.
  8. Everything is a learning experience to them.

These attributes are the actions of a highly motivated person. And, in my 20 years of teaching golf, I have never seen anyone reach mastery without this type of motivation.

Here are some very powerful words that are synonyms of motivation:

  • Incentive
  • Inspiration
  • Drive
  • Enthusiasm
  • Driving Force

Aren’t these words great? Don’t you find these words emotionally charged and exciting? The opposite of motivation is not to be unmotivated; it is lack of clarity of a goal.

Lack of motivation is caused by many things. Usually it is that the goal is not clear enough. In other words, for some reason, the path to the goal is blocked by too many barriers. I often find this when I am approaching daunting projects. I look at the project and all I see is 1 million things I need to do to get my outcome so I just don’t start. It is easier to make excuses. Often I get half way into a project and I just let it sit there. In a few months, I have ten or more unfinished projects just staring at me. It is easy to feel this overwhelmed. But there is only one way around it. Take ACTION.

But, before you take action, there is an important step. MAKE A PLAN.

So before I get too far into this ACTION PLAN, let me clarify my process and what I went through to learn Moe Norman’s golf swing.

  1. 15 years of trail and error learning golf and competition.
  2. The University of Oklahoma Team as a player.
  3. Coach for the University of Oklahoma Golf Team trying to understand the golf swing.
  4. The Asian PGA Golf Tour with little success.
  5. The desire to improve.
  6. Dozens of the world’s best instructors (3 Years).
  7. Hitting up to 1,000 balls each day for 3 years.
  8. Frustration to the point of quitting.
  9. Finding Moe.
  10. Understanding Moe.
  11. Making a Plan.
  12. Learning from Moe.
  13. Hitting thousands of balls like Moe.
  14. Results

So here is the great news. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO WHAT ID DID to achieve Moe Norman’s golf swing. Another great thing is that I am even going to take it a step further. I am going to lay out the plan for you!

Here is my plan for mastering Moe Norman’s golf swing and achieving the “Feeling of Greatness”.

  1. Dedicate yourself to understanding Moe’s Golf Swing by getting video of his swing and our BASIC TRAINING which explain Moe’s single plane golf swing and gives you the tools to practice it. You can also visit our website to read our etips and instructional information.
  2. Dedicate yourself to understanding your swing and compare it to Moe’s golf swing. You can do this by mailing a video to our golf academy or attending one of our golf schools.
  3. Learn what you need to do to go from where you are to Swinging Like Moe. Understand very clearly what you need to practice and how to practice it – a lot of this is found in our Single Plane Solution instruction.
  4. SCHEDULE time for dedicated practice.
  5. Evaluate your progress and get help when you need it.

This is, I believe, a MUCH easier way to start working toward mastering Moe Norman’s swing and improving your game that I went through. Why – because I didn’t have instructional material as a reference to help me with the process…. this is EXACTLY why we wrote our instructional material – to help you SHORT CUT the process.

As I step back on occasion, as I mentioned earlier, and look at where we are, where we’ve come from, and where we are going, our mission is to be a SOLUTION and not just another golf company out there selling a “tip” or “secret”. There are plenty of those out there to be sure, however, I can only tell you that every product, school, etip, and email from our company has only one purpose, and that is to HELP YOU “Swing Like Moe” and more importantly, play the best golf of your life.

Enjoy the journey.

Good Luck!!

PLEASE don’t hesitate to call or email us anytime!!