By: Chandler Rusk, GGA Master Instructor

What makes the Single Plane Swing more repeatable and more comfortable on the body?

Two main factors that go into this:

#1 – The Address Position

Notice the RED lines. The golfer on the left starts with the hands very low and the club shaft extending through the lower back (two-plane swing).

Moe Norman on the right starts with more space away from the golf ball (notice the distance between the hands and upper thigh). Furthermore, Moe began the club to where the shaft extended through the middle of his back (by the way, this is where 99% of golfers make an impact).

Moe Norman, Single Plane Swing, Golf Swing, Golf Tip

#2 – Effects of Lower Body Movement with both Address Positions

As you can see pictured below on the left, since there was no space at address, the lower body has been forced to lift and rotate/spin to clear the hips. While the lower body lifts, the upper body is forced to stay down to make contact with the ball. This results in stress in the lead knee, lower back, neck, etc.

Below on the right, since Moe establishes space in his address position, his lower body can work down slightly into a flexed lead knee (this takes the pressure off of the lower back). Once Moe gets into his lead knee, he then rotates and swings through the ball. When the lower body and upper body go down the same amount, there is no stress on the body.

The Address Position and Lower Body Movement is paramount in achieving a simple and repeatable motion with no weight. Once trained, golf becomes extremely fun because you can wake up every day knowing that you will hit the ball well and not have any pain.

This is what we strive for as a TEAM with every student at our Golf Schools.

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